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Marketing your residence can demand a lot of time and resources if you want to get it done quickly. Usually selling your house makes everything else in your life that much more stressful. Depending on what’s currently going on, one of the best and most logical solutions is to simply sell your home to a real estate investor. 


Pros of Offering to a Real Estate Investor or Home Buyer

Quick Sales - A real estate investor will be able to close on your house much faster than the traditional practices of going through a real estate agent. An investor generally will pay you all cash which you can usually have within 30 days after the close of your house. This will make sure there is no everything is done quickly and efficiently. 

Don’t Have to Make Repairs - The other benefit of using a real estate investor is the fact that they will buy your house AS IS.

This means any repairs that needs to be done to your house, THEY will cover the costs for once they buy your house.

This eliminates all worry about having to make your house presentable to sell - because you don’t!

It’s really as simple as if your house has any POTENTIAL market value, a smart investor will buy your home regardless of its condition. 

No Fees / Holding Costs - Real estate investors also DO NOT charge any fee’s or give anyone a commission for the sale.

This means that any cash offer you are made you get 100% of the final payment on your house.

So the benefit is there will be no waiting period, no closing costs, no nothing! So when dealing with an investor all of this stuff is taken care of for you, by them. 

Flexible Alternatives - All cash offers are generally the cornerstone to an investors business.

However, that is not the only option that you can discuss with them. A financier can also discuss with you selling the property on your own terms and WHEN you want to sell it. You can discuss proprietor funding services as well as lease options on the investment.

In these cases an investor who is dead set on buying your house will give you a higher proposition and this will be an amazing asset to have since many property owners have little equity on their properties. 

Disadvantages of Marketing to a Real Estate Investor

Rate - In a lot of circumstances, unless you want to sell on differing terms, a financier will not pay the full market price of your house.

Normally, you are given an honest and fair offer that matches he current value of the neighborhood that you live in.

When it comes to housing prices, prices rely heavily on the value of the neighborhood you live in.

This will determine the amount of money you can realistically expect to receive from an investor.

Their Real Estate License Isn’t Needed - A real estate investor does not have to have a certified license in order to run their business.

Investors are simply that: investors.

They are not real estate agents so by law, their practices does not fall within the requirements of standard real estate agents.

The best way to find a good reliable investor is to simply do your research on google.

Find local investors, call them up, get an offer on your home and look for positive reviews on their services.

You will generally be able to find any information you need in order to make the best decision possible on what investor you decide to go with. 

all in all though, selling to a real estate investor is generally one of the smarter choices if you need to sell your house quickly. 

To get more info from a reliable investor, you can check out my #1 recommended guy, Doug Van soest & His Wife Andrea’s Site for more. 

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